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By: Jerry Johnson, Editor/Publisher

May 21, 2014

The VA Hospitals have come under heavy criticism again. The one in Phoenix, Arizona is currently under attack.
The VA Hospitals have come under heavy criticism again. The one in Phoenix, Arizona is currently under attack. My experience with the VA has been very favorable. Most of my involvement is with the facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and I have had no problems. Sure, you wait your turn but not that long. The staff, top to bottom, care about you and and it shows. Talking with other veterans, the Sioux Falls facility is rated high with them also. Some will drive further so they can be at Sioux Falls. I have not been to any other VA Facility except the one in Phoenix and that was just one time. Traveling thru Arizona on the way home from vacation I had a problem with my eye. Pain, sensitive to light and red. We plugged the address into the GPS and were soon there. It's a big place and we had some trouble finding the right door. After a few hours waiting before you get to a little place behind a curtain to wait some more. My problem wasn't a big deal compared to others and I understood how it works. The doctor looked at my eye and said "Pink Eye". I got my eye drops and left. There were a lot of people waiting and one guy in a wheelchair was rolled in by a orderly and left to wait while we were waiting, after awhile there was a puddle on the floor. Finally he was moved out, but the puddle remained and eventually someone noticed the problem after being told by several people. There were several calls made and eventually a guy came by with one of those yellow "Floor Is Wet" signs. When we were done and leaving, the sign was still in place protecting the puddle. My wife drove the rest of home. The drops help a little but not much. When we arrived home, the Sioux Falls VA sent me to my VA Eye Doctor which was Johnson Eye Clinic in Worthington. So, no pink eye, it was Iritis. New eye drops and by the next day it was feeling good. My one shot at Phoenix wasn't impressive but I have complete faith in the Sioux Falls VA.

On the way north this past Friday we stopped at Hardee's in Granite Falls and found Joe LeTendre nursing a sandwich. He was on his way to the cabin. We swapped stories and were on our way.

Fishing the Grand Rapids area proved fruitful. One hard day on Saturday gave us perch, walleye and northern. Our day spent on Split Hand Lake was not fast but was steady. The ice was completely off the lake but for only a week, the water temperature increased two degrees from morning to when we put it to bed.

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Have a good week.

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