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By: Jerry Johnson, Editor/Publisher

September 25, 2013

The weekend was spent duck hunting.
The weekend was spent duck hunting. The season started Saturday and will run thru this Sunday, September 29th. There will be a short two week break October 12th that will seem like four weeks then the season will be on again. There are fewer ducks around but I was expecting it to be worse than it was. Both Saturday and Sunday had a good showing of ducks. Monday there just a few moving around and there were no other hunters around. Badger Lake has been a good producer of wildlife. Monday we counted ten deer in the area, mostly does and fawns but it made an interesting morning.

Sunday the highs were in the eighties and it was the first day of Fall. There was little work accomplished at home but I did get in a pretty good nap. This week looks like it wll be warm but comfortable. Halloween is a little over a month away and we are two months away from Thanksgiving.

Everything is much greener this year. The crops are a few weeks out before any harvesting is started although there are a few exceptions. It was an odd year with a late spring and a later start with any planting. The grass was green for the entire summer with rain received in the nick of time. My rain garden has produced very little rain, hopefully there will be a better crop next year.


Torvold comments: "a mortgage is a gimmick dat speeds up da months and slows down da years".

Swen's philosophy: "money don't buy happiness...but needed does poverty."

Ole's will was made out as simple as he could: "Being of sound mind, I spent all my money".


Have a good week!

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