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By: Jerry Johnson, Editor/Publisher

July 24, 2013

Stir fry; Fairs; and Rain garden
The high temperatures may be behind us. Having nights in the mid 50 range will give a nice break from the pounding air condition straining to make life bearable. The days will have an abundance of heat.

Stir-fry made with all the vegetables from the garden is the best. My favorite is chicken with pea pods, green beans, green peppers, cabbage and anything else from the garden. Using the frozen stuff in the winter is good but the fresh stuff this time of year is the best. I like the sauce to be very light and the veggies almost cooked but with some crunch. You will also realize, that by being married, I will take it the way it's served and be happy to have it.

The Jackson County Fair is on this week, then a weeks rest before the Nobles County Fair followed by the Murray County Fair. The summer is down hill from there. I have to get a day or two at the Renaissance Festival to fill out the year. It won't leave much time to smell the flowers but like the stir-fry I will take what I can get.

The first Friday of August will be the day that the rain gardens in Fulda will be dug. One will be in my front yard, it will capture most of my run off from the eaves and sump. My neighbors will appreciate not having it run down the gutter by their houses. The hole will be dug by Nelson's Landscaping . The choice of whatever to plant is ours. The decision was not easy and can be altered. With the Watersheds guidance it will be not difficult.

* * *

Ole received minor injuries on the job and was taken to the hospital for a check up. Typically, there was much paper work involved. When filling out the blank asking what number to call in an emergency, Ole put down 911.

* * *

Have a good week.

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