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Rebel Boys and Girls Golf teams

May 8, 2013

compete in Marshall 18 hole contest
By: Sean Solheim Murray County News Sports

Just one day after they competed in their first meet of the season, the Rebels boys and girls golf teams traveled to Marshall and took part in an 18 hole contest. The meet consisted of the Rebels, two Marshall teams, and two New Ulm teams. Though the competition was more than the Rebels have seen in the past couple years, the experience helped them out a great amount, especially since Marshall is the site of the Section tournament.

For the girls team, some girls had better success on the front nine than the back nine, and vice versa. One of the girls that had a good round on the front nine was Kirbie Tedrick. She was able to shoot only one or two shots over par on every hole, except for the third hole. On the par four, she was able to sink her putt on the fourth shot to an even par. When she finished her first nine holes, she talled a 49. Hannah Davis and Liz Prahm both tied the front nine with scores of 52 each. Both of the girls were able to stay consisten and shoot between five and seven shots per hold. Both of them, however, shot four on the ninth hole to tally a total of 52.

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