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By: Dorothy Bloemendaal, staff writer

April 24, 2013

Commissioners reach consensus on county ditch 22
The Murray County Board of Commissioners met on April 16. The morning was spent taking action on the items of the agenda.

The board then recessed until after the noon break and held a public informational meeting on County Ditch 22 repairs in Section 13, Shetek Township. There has been an ongoing dispute over the number of acres used for a drainage ditch in the area and the berm along the ditch. After a lengthy discussion a consensus was reached.

1. Cooreman Contracting will clean the open ditch in Section 13, south of 211th Street on the west side of the ditch and build a berm in this area. The cost will be paid by the ditch system. 2. A berm will be built on the south side of the ditch and a surface water pipe installed also paid by the ditch system. 3. The buffer strips in Section 13 will be re-established. Duane Campbell and John Meyer will provide the equipment and labor to dig, plant and pack the seed. The system will pay for the seed. The boundaries of the buffer strip will be marked. If the boundaries are encroached upon, the landowner will be responsible to re-establish the grass strip at their expense.

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