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By: Jerry Johnson, Editor/Publisher

March 27, 2013

Sports Show
My weekend was spent at the Sports Show with friends that have spread across several states. It has been an annual gathering that has been going on for ten years. We looked at boats we couldn't afford and talked about trips to other states for hunting and fishing that might not happen. There were lots of gadgets that promised to make life easier. To end the day we met our spouses, who had been out shopping, for dinner. This years choice was Lola's Boat House in Waconia. The place was really good with a casual atmosphere, good food and a nice selection of specialty beers. There was always an eye on the weather wondering how slippery the roads would be for the trip home but there was little problem.

Spring will start to catch up to the calender this week with temperatures that will remain above freezing giving us an Easter weekend that will seem okay this year. It looks like the Bunny might be able to hide eggs Saturday night without them freezing much. Saturday’s high is forecasted to be 54 and the low at 35, with a chance of rain, Sunday will be 45 and 31. This forecast will change every day until then.

The big powerball jackpot of 320 million or more has avoided our area again. Most folks had their fingers crossed. But hope was all that came from it, just fleeting hope.

* * *

Ole was convinced that taking vitamins would make him younger. In fact, he even took to riding his bike around town every day. One morning, Lena went to wake him so he could go to work. “Yah, I’ll get up Lena...but don’t make me got to school.”

* * *

Work like you don't need the money, dance like nobody's watching, and love like you've never been hurt.

* * *

Have a good week.

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