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February 20, 2013

Murray County Central summary for January 7, 2012 AND December 17, 2012
Murray County Central summary for January 7, 2012 the school board reorganizational meeting

(entire minutes may be read in the administrative office or on the district website:

Members present: Sue Streff, Dan Woldt, Tom Mesner, Tony Clarke, Cindy Meling and Jeremy Steinle. Administration: Luther Onken, Joe Meyer, and Todd Burlingame. Others: Becky LeTendre, Naomi Sankey, and Charlene Steensma.

MSP Clarke/Streff to approve the agenda. New board member Jeremy Steinle was seated to office by Chair Woldt.

Election of offices: Chair Daniel Woldt, Clerk Cindy Meling, Treasurer Sue Streff, and Vice-Chair Tom Mesner.

MSP Clarke/Mesner to set the Regular school board meetings at 6:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month, to be held in the Central library.

MSP Mesner/Streff to set the school board and the recording secretary salaries for 2013 at $70.00 per meeting. Additional salaries for chairperson and clerk will be $500.00 and $100.00 per year respectively. Mileage will be paid at the current IRS rate.

MSP Meling/Streff to designate Charlene Steensma and Lisa Rademacher to perform the duties of clerk and treasurer.

MSP Streff/Clarke naming Rupp, Anderson, Squires and Waldspurger, P.A. as the school board’s legal counsel and the superintendent as the individual authorized to contact legal counsel.

MSP Steinle/Meling to set the 2013 Committee Assignments:

Insurance Pool – Sue Streff

Staff Recognition and Atmosphere – the entire Board

Legislative Liaison – Luther Onken

Technology Committee – Jeremy Steinle and Tony Clarke Facilities – Jeremy Steinle, Tony Clarke, and Daniel Woldt

MSHSL Board Representative – Tom Mesner

Negotiations/Employee Relations Committee – Cindy Meling, Daniel Woldt and Sue Streff

Governing Board of Murray County IEIC – Jeremy Steinle

Transportation – Cindy Meling, Tony Clarke, and Tom Mesner

Academic and Athletic Cooperative Sponsorship – Tom Mesner, and Sue Streff

Community Education Advisory Board – Tony Clarke

VoAg Committee – Tom Mesner

Long Range Planning – entire Board

Staff Development – Tom Mesner and Sue Streff

Curriculum Advisory Board – Cindy Meling

Overload Assignment – Daniel Woldt and Sue Streff

Calendar Committee – Tom Mesner

Financial Committee – Sue Streff, Cindy Meling, and Dan Woldt

Fundraising Committee – Dan Woldt

MCC Strategic Planning Committee – Entire Board

Wellness Committee – Dan Woldt and Tony Clarke

Q-comp – Tom Mesner

High School Attendance Committee – Sue Streff

Activities Handbook Committee – Dan Woldt and Tony Clarke

MSP Streff/Mesner to adjourn at 6:30 p.m., with a seconded by Tom Mesner.

Cindy Meling, Clerk

Murray County Central school board meeting summary for December 17, 2012

(entire minutes may be read in the administrative office or on the district website:

The Murray County Central ISD #2169 Board of Education held the Truth In Taxation hearing and regular school board meeting pursuant to notice on Monday, December 17, 2012, in the high school library. Chair Woldt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Members present: Tom Mesner, Dan Woldt, Cindy Meling, Tony Clarke, and Steve Hartle. Sue Streff joined the meeting at 7:30. Administration: Luther Onken, Todd Burlingame, and Joe Meyer. Others: Jeremy Steinle, James Wajer, Tom Kresko, Joann Bergman, Lisa Rademacher, and Charlene Steensma. Becky Hudson, Chris Davis, Tom Whitehead, Tim Bass, Craig Gertsema, Grant Bose, Chris Opdahl, and Kyle Vos joined the meeting following the consent agenda.

Addition to agenda: Item 7.E.5: Kati Bobeldyk’s resignation from track coaching assignment. MSP Mesner/Hartle to approve the agenda. Lisa Rademacher presented information for the Truth In Taxation hearing on the 2012 Payable 2013 levy. MSP Clarke/Meling to act on the consent agenda items: November 13, 2012 minutes. Payment of claims in the amount of $221,910.07 and receipt of the trial balance, and cash flow projection reports. Donations: MCC Athletic Booster Club-Irrigation athletic facilities-$15,149.86, Murray County Land Improvement-Irrigation athletic facilities-$560.00, Taylor’d Cakes LLC-Natalie Krohn Memorial-$250.00, Various-Natalie Krohn Memorial-$402.00, B & K Design-Elementary Library for books-$150.00, Music Boosters-Art grant match-$200.00, Prairie Music-Art grant match-$350.00, FB Team-For Coach (bus) expenses-$350.00, LA Photography-VB advertisement-$96.00, Murray County Medical Center-Impact Sponsorship-$350.00-MCC Athletic Booster Club-Banners-$1055.38, Jim’s Market-ECFE (lids)-$285.90, Dean’s Foods-ECFE (Save 5 for School)-$569.00, Pro Cellular (TD program)-MCC Community and Alumni Scholarship-$1,125.00, Various Corn Drive– FFA-$17,609.36, Laleman Ag. Farms-Corn picking – FFA-$200.00, Fireman’s Relief Math Masters – Elementary Activity Fund-$170.00, MCC Music Booster Club-Choir student activity fund-$270.00, Slayton Women of Today (New York Trip)-B/C Trip Fund-$350.00, 1st National Bank – Rebel Voices-$50.00. 2012-2013 34.69% secondary teaching contract with Lucas Knutson. 2012-2013 Seniority Lists for Licensed Staff, ECFE/KC Licensed Staff, and Para Educators. Approve leave of absence request from Kati Bobeldyk. Post experience reflection reports. Kati Bobeldyk’s resignation as assistant/junior high track coach. Out-of-state-trip for five choir students to attend the Dorian Choral Festival in Decorah, Iowa on Jan. 13 & 14. Set the mileage rate as of January 1, 2013 at the IRS rate of 56.5 cents per mile.

Open Forum

Kresko came before the school board to inquire about the possibility of having soccer at MCC at the junior high and possibly the JV level. Chair Woldt directed Mr. Wajer to conduct a survey to determine interest in a program and to research the costs of having a soccer program. Chris Davis spoke to the school board regarding his coaching evaluation. Chair Woldt stated that the content was not appropriate to be brought up in an open meeting and that the school board has not had any official recommendations presented to them.

Mr. Meyer’s Report

• Choices and Consequences assembly presented to the Fulda and MCC students • Early out dismissal at 12:05 p.m. on December 21

• Semester dates – end date is Jan. 18 with teacher in-service on Jan. 21.

Mr. Burlingame’s Report

• Geography Bee winners – 1st place: Jack Pierson and 2nd place: Cameron Kresko

• Technology – going well

• Go Green Holiday sales

Mr. Onken’s Report

• Administrators at Kiwanis meeting

• Working on 2012-2013 school year calendar

• Securing a speaker for joint staff development day

• Grievance at 2nd level

• Proposal from bus contractor – need for transportation committee meeting

• Staff development day – in-service towards license renewal

MSP Mesner/Streff to approve the Staff Development Plan for 2012-2013.

MSP Meling/Hartle to approve the revised 2012-2013 expenditure/revenue budget.

MSP Meling/Mesner to certify the 2012 Payable 2013 Levy:

General 1,195,890.48

Community Service 76,852.37

General Debt Service 674,939.07


The board received the ECFE tallies for the 2012-2013 programs. MSP Clarke/Streff to set the Reorganizational meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, January 7, 2013.

Chair Woldt thanked Steve Hartle for his commitment to the district and students for the past twelve years.

MSP Hartle/Clarke to adjourn at 8:08 p.m.

Cindy Meling, Clerk

S, 2/20/13

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