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November 14, 2012

~ Honors Awards - grades 4-12 ~~ Academic Letter Awards ~
4th Grade Honorees: Dayne Bose, Josie Harms, Carter Kresko, Charles Peterson. 5th Grade Honorees:: Ashley Aanenson, Naomi Berglund, Vanessa Dahlgren, Jerod Weidert. 6th Grade Honorees: : Celeste Aamodt, Teagan Peschges, Heather Petersen, Grant Tjeerdsma. 7th Grade Honorees: : Zachary Aanenson, Faith Bose, MacKenzie DeLong, Riley Schmitz. 8th Grade Honorees: : Camryn Boerboom, Mason Whitehead, Brady Woldt. Not Pictured: Chris Ellens Freshman Student Honorees:: Anna Bonnstetter, Jack Erickson, Amber Kruse, Kyle Schreier. Sophomore Student Honorees: : Heidi Bau, Jade Giese, Logan Kluis, Patrick LeTendre. Junior Student Honorees:: Ellie Boese, Lissa Carlson, Angela Dahlgren, Hannah Schmidt. Senior Student Honorees: : Arron Benson, Ben Loosbrock, Brittany Muecke, Kyle Saner ~ Academic Letter Awards ~ Sophomore Academic Letter Winners:: Front L-R: Jade Giese, Danielle Gervais, Alexandra Schulz, Sierra Van Iperen, Cheyenne Hill, Marina Kremer. Middle L-R: Sabrina Wiekeraad, Hannah Davis, Savannah Danielson, Grant Everson, Adam Christensen, Heidi Bau, Sami Bakke. Back L-R: Austin Steinle, Wyatt Peschges, Logan Kluis, Derek Clarke, Michael Christoffels, Jaden Boerboom, Mitchell Woldt. Not Pictured: Erica Johnson, Amylyn Thovson Senior Academic Letter Winners:: Front L-R: Kyle Vos**, Darien Schreiber**, Kyle Saner**, Joey Petersen, Sam Erickson**, Ben Loosbrock**, Michael Vander Wal**. Middle L-R: Michaela Hartle**, Miranda Edmundson*, Morgan Beckmann**, Brittany Muecke**, Rachel Lassen**, Jessica Kruse**. Back L-R: Taylor Schreier**, Haley Bose**, Grant Bose**, Max Whitehead**, Sophie Nepp*, Ashley Clarke**. Not Pictured: Ashley Doeden*, Tyler Telkamp, and Jenna Ness**. Junior Academic Letter Winners:: Front L-R: Elizabeth Thomsen*, Dana Vander Wal*, Emily Ellefson*, Tiffany Tutt, Macy Christensen*, Haleigh Ortmeier-Clarke*. Middle L-R: Angela Dahlgren*, Breanna Breberg*, Ellie Boese*, Seth Bass*, Rebekah Nysetvold*, Zach Ostman*. Back L-R: Hannah Schmidt*, Lorraine Sweetman*, Kenda Blomgren, McKenzie Schmitz*, Brooke Johnson*, Lindsey Barritt*, Bailey Jacobson*. Not Pictured: Dylan Johnson

* denotes 2nd year Academic Letter Winner

** denotes 3rd year Academic Letter Winner

Criteria for Achieving an Academic Letter:

Students must earn a cumulative Grade Point average of 3.66

A Honor Roll Status for four consecutive quarters.

Student Honoree Criteria: Teachers are given the opportunity nominate students at each level and the top nominees are narrowed down to four. Teachers then submit comments on why these four students are deserving of the award.

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